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Netwerkpro is internationally active
in several innovative projects

We create an autonomous
future for (young) women.
We are experts in
Mental Health and



We establish sustainable
connections between
local municipalities,
employers, residents and
other beneficiaries



We have developed
different programmes to
empower individuals with
a distance to the
labour markt and society.




The Green Step represents a partnership between various European organizations, that aim to follow a holistic approach to support, raise awareness and build capacity about environmental and climate-change challenges in the sphere of adult education. The partners of the project have identified gaps in adult education, regarding responsible citizenship and climate change. The purpose of the project is to educate adult educators and learners to develop knowledge, skills, values and behaviors for addressing the problems mentioned above.


The project Women4Integration (W-IN), cofounded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund wants to support the economic and social integration of vulnerable migrant women living in marginalized neighbourhoods of big European metropolis. It is realized in Italy, Spain, the Netherland and Sweden and takes place in four marginalized areas of Amsterdam (East and South-East), Barcelona (Raval), Malmö (Rosengård) and Milan (San Siro).

All these neighbourhoods are characterized by a high concentration of migrant population and a high presence of foreign women, particularly vulnerable due to low levels of schooling and precarious socio-economic conditions. However, they are also neighbourhoods in which there is a strong presence of active local networks, made up of informal groups and associations that work daily to promote social cohesion.



Over the last two years, we have supported 360 female newcomers in Europe, together with our partners in Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Italy and Greece.

With these partners, we launched WINGS: ‘Social and economic empowerment of migrant women’ in late 2020. An innovative and ambitious project to make 360 female newcomers socially and economically independent. In addition, the project provides adult education professionals with the means to contribute to this. Each partner has its own expertise in education, integration and empowerment of newcomers

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