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Trainers for the future: An international partnership to empower women

Netwerkpro and FMDO, a Belgium organization are working together this year on the strengthening of women with a migration background. The project Trainers for the Future is part of a European project from Erasmus+, which makes the exchange between both organisations possible. Netwerkpro and FMDO individually have access to a great deal of specific expertise, but just imagine what will happen if we join forces?


In 2022 Netwerkpro and FMDO developed a training offer of 8 workshops and 3 e-learning sessions. In that programme, we train a group of trainers, who in turn will train many other women. The women’s talents are always at the heart of this endeavour.

Focus on the ability To Cope 

In the empowerment programme, the organisations focus on vulnerable women with a migration background. Attention is paid to mental and physical health, self-confidence and getting to know their own goals and qualities. In this way, we offer them the tools to take the next step towards participation, education, or work. Since they are being trained by their peers, they strengthen their networks and learn from role models.

Trainer Armine: “I think it is important to give women that extra nudge so that they believe in themselves. In my opinion, deploying talent and passion is essential. Because when you do something that you are good at, then you also really enjoy doing it. Believe in yourself and get out of your comfort zone! You will definitely get results!”

Strong women Europewide

Although the focus of this project is on the Dutch language area, we are full of ambition to make this method a European project. “Throughout Europe, women with a migration background bump into the same barriers,” declares Ivy Goutsmit, coordinator of FMDO. “We would like to make the approach we are developing here available to other countries. In this way, we will create as many opportunities as possible for women who want to move forward with their lives, and in so doing, we come one step closer to social equality.”

Trainers for the Future is made possible thanks to the support of the European Union

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